The safest scooter you can rent in Hua Hin.
Yamaha Tricity: 3 wheels make for a super stable ride & brake performance (3 disk brakes!), it's perfect for local driving conditions; good storage capacity, top box;
4.500 baht / month
2.000 baht / week
350,- baht / day (min 2 days)

The main point of the Yamaha Tricity is its stability. In Thailand you never really know which surprises await you around the corner, so a motorbike which keeps going even if it is a bit wet or sandy in that curve is priceless. The 3 disc brakes offer the best stopping power of any scooter in the market.

Featuring a step through design with a top box the Tricity offers plenty of "storage capacity".



You can be assured that our bikes are in excellent technical condition. However, proper maintenance costs money and it is not possible to keep a motorcycle up at a very good technical level and rent it out for the cheapest prices on the market.
Then again, how much can you really save? Is it worth to compromise your personal health and safety for a few Euros or Dollars?

You might be able to find slightly cheaper models with other suppliers but then you have to weight down the risks with those small gains. Items like tires or breaks can be visually checked but you can't verify if the engine fluids and filters have been replaced at the correct time, wheel bearings or air filters are in order etc.


per day 350,- baht (min 2 days)

per week 2.000,- Thailand Baht

per month 4.500,- Thai Baht

We need a passport copy plus a deposit of 2.000 Thai Baht (credit card or cash)

please contact 0869441223 for further info and bookings

we do use Whatsapp and LINE